Award winning 001 LED Bulb by PLUMEN | £39.99

The world's first dimmable, designer low energy bulb, the iconic original Plumen 001, reincarnated in 2018 as a high performing LED with a lifetime of 20,000 hours and available in warm white (2700k). Here's some inspiration on how to make the most of it in your space.

Inspired by the sensual complexities of Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures, the form of the 002 combines art with ambience. The mouth-blown glass tube becomes a fluid, sweeping form that makes the light quality as intriguing as the shape itself. It’s a surprising bulb that’s beautiful and elegant from every angle.


Where should I use it?

The gentle, ambient light of the 002 is perfect for living areas, bedrooms and dining rooms where you want an atmospheric glow.  It can also be used as an accent light in kitchens and offices (areas that need brighter lighting) when combined with task lighting.

How do I hang it?

The 002 works beautifully alone or in series – either neat and regimented or loose and organic. The Plumen Drop Cap pendant has been designed to fit the shape and proportions of the 002 and you can add even more character with a Drop Hat or Drop Top Shade.

How many do I need to light a room?

The 002 is not designed as a multi-purpose light bulb so if you wanted to light a whole room with them (and only them) you’d need a fair few. Instead, they’re ideal in bedside lights, table lamps and wall sconces, where they provide accent lighting to compliment your task lighting.



Is it dimmable?

Yes. Even at its brightest it’s a gentle ambient light but it can be dimmed right down to create the softest of light for an incredibly cosy atmosphere. For a list of recommended dimmer switches click here.


How long will it last?

The 001 lasts up to 10 times longer than a traditional bulb so while it might be a little more expensive upfront, it will cost a lot less over its lifetime. Plus, using 80% less energy to power, it’s a win for the environment as well as your wallet.

Why is it so special?

We see no reason why art can’t live in everyday objects, something we explored in the making of the 001. Combining art with ambience resulted in a light bulb that won Best British Sustainable Design in the ELLE Decoration British Design Awards and has been featured in the likes of Dwell, The Huffington Post , It’s nice that,  Cool Hunting